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            sat nav traffic receiver
              • In stock

              Product details

              Instant connection

              Places your TomTom where it won't obstruct your view.

              Easy installation

              No need for extra wires or cables on the dashboard.

              TMC traffic

              Works in any country where TMC traffic is available.

              In the box

              Drive Easy Traffic Receiver

              User guide

              Mini to Micro USB adapter

              Compatible products

              ONE 30 Series

              Via 110/120/130

              Via 125/135

              Via LIVE 120

              Via LIVE 125

              START 20

              START 25

              GO 530

              GO 540

              GO 550

              GO 630

              GO 740

              GO 730

              GO 750

              GO 930

              GO 940

              GO 950

              GO LIVE 820

              GO LIVE 825

              XL 30 Series

              XL IQR Edition

              XL IQR LIVE

              XXL IQR Edition

              START 2

              ONE IQR Edition

              Start 60 (2012)