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TomTom Bridge

Where do you want to be?

Achieve your business efficiency goals with TomTom Bridge.
Seamlessly integrate your own business applications with TomTom solutions to help your business move smarter and more efficiently. For the first time, you can create your own customised applications that connect with TomTom’s award-winning navigation technology.

TomTom Bridge offers a new, flexible way to integrate the power of TomTom technology into your business. So whatever your business goal, TomTom Bridge will help you get there.

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How your business will benefit from TomTom Bridge

If your company runs a fleet of vehicles, TomTom Bridge can help you work smarter and set your business apart. TomTom Bridge is a solution to help your business move more efficiently, using a platform that enables you to seamlessly connect your business applications with TomTom solutions. Now you can easily create your own customised business applications that harness the power of TomTom’s award-winning navigation technology.

Move your business faster
Take control and get there faster with the latest TomTom Maps and award-winning TomTom Traffic.
Integrate all your business applications
Increase efficiencies, reduce costs and gain a greater level of business insight by integrating all business applications on a single device and platform.
Create customised services
Easily create your own new branded services, customised to your specific business needs.
Get a solution tailor-made for business
Experience a product with a robust and rugged industrial design made for a life on the road.

Product Information

TomTom Bridge is available in different models to ensure you find the ideal solution for your business.

TomTom Bridge

Our standard model comes with full navigation coverage of either Europe or North America. A standard version for trucks and lorries will also be available, showing routes and map features relevant to heavy goods vehicles.
Standard features include:
- 7” touchscreen WSVGA
- Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
- USB/BT/WiFi connectivity
- G-sensor, compass, gyro
- Micro SD card slot
- Hard-wearing cradle, including 12/24V charger, compatible with any semi-integrated vehicle setup 
- Replaceable battery
- Integrated 2W speaker

TomTom Bridge Connected

Our premium device includes all of the features listed above, along with these additional features:

- 5 megapixel camera and flashlight
- Near-field communication
- 3G-embedded modem

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Who TomTom Bridge is designed for

TomTom Bridge opens up a world of possibilities to every business that runs a fleet of vehicles. It offers the potential to create innovative new services, as well as delivering business efficiencies. TomTom Bridge offers endless benefits for all kinds of businesses. The following examples show how TomTom Bridge can be customised to create new services.

Rental Businesses
With TomTom Bridge, rental businesses can easily create new services that deliver business efficiencies.
For example:

• If a driver gets a flat tyre, TomTom Bridge can show step-by-step guidance on how to fix it.
• If a driver wants to report damage to a vehicle, they can take a photo and send it using TomTom Bridge, avoiding the need to return to the rental company.
• If a driver wants to arrange collection of their rental car, they can use TomTom Bridge to send a message to your company to request collection.

Truck Businesses
Installing TomTom Bridge in a truck or lorry gives greater control over the journey.
For example:

• Link TomTom Bridge to a Near Field Communication device and it can recognize who is driving and how long they have been driving for.
• TomTom Bridge can be used to recommend truck-friendly routes and restaurants and to show service stations that offer truck parking.
• A rear camera can be linked to TomTom Bridge to assist with reverse parking.


Taxi Businesses
Installing TomTom Bridge in a taxi can enable drivers to pick up more passengers and provide an enhanced level of service.
For example:

• TomTom Bridge can be customised to show where all your taxis are in real-time, enabling drivers to identify busy areas and find more business, more quickly.
• By connecting a payment meter directly to TomTom Bridge, drivers and passengers only ever need to look at one screen.
• Using TomTom Bridge’s 3G connectivity enables drivers to email a receipt to passengers immediately after arriving at a destination.

Leasing and Logistics Businesses
Installing TomTom Bridge in a fleet of vehicles can deliver greater business insight and efficiency with a single solution.
For example:

• Delivery companies can incorporate a QR code scanner, a barcode scanner, a digital signature tool and a flashlight into TomTom Bridge, so transactions can be made seamlessly using a single device.
• TomTom Bridge can also monitor fuel consumption and driving style, enabling you to understand and share information on efficient driving.
• All updates can be installed via WiFi, so uploading the latest data across your fleet can be done simply by parking your cars in your company garage.

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