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Instant road information when you need it

TomTom LIVE Services is a suite of real-time information services, which gives you instant road information when you need it. Now available on TomTom GO LIVE devices.

It features TomTom Traffic providing the most up-to-date traffic information available for your route, direct on your TomTom GO LIVE device. 

But that's not all. You'll enjoy other real-time updates along your route too including: Safety Camera Alerts, Local Search with Google™, QuickGPSfix and TomTom Weather.

Customer Reviews - Live Services

"It is very easy to use and it gives you updated recommends alternative suggestions if there are delays on the route. It gives you live updates on traffic delays. it is fairly quick to recalculate route."

"It's very good and its the top brand. Another reason i would recommend TomTom is because of the live services, i think most of my family and friends would need live services."

"Ease of use. Live traffic update is very handy in the city. Good for working out travel times in advance."

Real-time LIVE services for high-mileage drivers

TomTom LIVE Services offers the best real-time services straight to your TomTom device, all in one convenient bundle:

TomTom Traffic

More accurate. More updates. More coverage. Independent tests prove TomTom Traffic is the best way to beat the jams.
Mobile Safety CamerasKnow the location of fixed and mobile safety cameras for safer, more relaxed driving.
TomTom PlacesFind local shops and businesses wherever you are - and let your device take you there.

LIVE QuickGPSfixDrive off more quickly. Speed up the time it takes to fix your GPS position.
WeatherReceive the latest forecasts to help you plan your journey better and drive more safely.

Save time and money

With LIVE Services you don’t have to worry about any additional phone costs. You will save time and money making use of this great combination of services.

How does LIVE Services work?

TomTom LIVE services are 'live connected' services.
This means that information and updates for each service - such as the latest traffic information, or weather forecasts - are sent directly to the SIM card of your TomTom device. So you don't need to activate anything and don't need to connect a mobile phone to your navigation device. Just get on the road, and your device does the rest.


At the moment you can only use TomTom LIVE Services on the GO LIVE.

Save time and money

With LIVE Services you don’t have to worry about any additional phone costs. You will save time and money making use of this great combination of services.

All LIVE devices work throughout Australia and New Zealand.

More TomTom Services

TomTom LIVE services is only part of the wide range of extra services TomTom has to offer. To see all the great services available for your TomTom device, just click here.

Do I also need a mobile phone with Bluetooth - as well as a compatible TomTom device - to be able to use LIVE Services?

No, there's no need for a mobile phone. All TomTom devices that offer LIVE Services are ready to use. You do not need to connect anything and can directly make use of the free trial included.

With the GO LIVE devices however, you can connect a mobile phone to your device via Bluetooth™ if you would like to take advantage of the great car kit function in these devices.

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Can I subscribe to just one LIVE service instead of the whole TomTom LIVE Services bundle?

No, currently every LIVE service is available in a bundle only for LIVE Services devices. If you want to buy separate services, you can have a look at the additional services that you can download via TomTom HOME desktop software or buy via the TomTom Webshop.

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What is the difference between TomTom LIVE Services and TomTom Services?

TomTom LIVE services is a bundle of services with a real-time connection. Information and updates are sent straight to your device over the air or every time you connect to TomTom HOME desktop software. With LIVE Services you pay a fixed amount per month, so you don’t have to worry about any additional phone costs. You will save time and money making use of this great combination of services.

To use TomTom LIVE Services, you need to have a LIVE connected device. If you do not have a LIVE connected device, you can subscribe to a lot of useful and fun services via TomTom HOME. This is desktop software you can install on your computer with which you can download these services directly and separately (not in a bundle) to your TomTom device.

However, to be able to use the services that require instant updates (such as Traffic or Buddies), you will need a wireless connection set up via your mobile phone (for example via GPRS).

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What happens when the free introductory subscription that came with the device ends?

When your introductory trial expires, you can renew your LIVE Services via

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Can I still use my LIVE device after the introductory subscription has ended and I have not yet renewed it?

If you decide not to renew your LIVE Services once the free introductory period has ended, you will still be able to use all the navigation functions on your device. And if you decide to renew your LIVE Services at a later date, it's easy to request this via

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Can I end my LIVE Services subscription at any time?

Once you have renewed your LIVE Services, no notice is required as this is the pre-paid service ends automatically at the end of the period.

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In which countries can I use my LIVE Services subscription?

LIVE Services are available in 2 countries: Australia and New Zealand.

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The LIVE devices have a built-in receiver including a SIM-card. Does this mean that I can be traced?

No, not at all. TomTom takes privacy of personal information very seriously, and the information we see is entirely anonymous. We only see information about the speed and direction travelled of TomTom device users. We don't know anything about the devices themselves, including who owns them.

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How do I pay for a LIVE Services subscription?

Payment to LIVE Services is simple - once you've registered your details via TomTom HOME or our webshop, a fixed amount will be charged.

But you can also opt for a prepaid card with access to LIVE services.This is a one-off payment and is available via TomTom HOME, our webshop or your local retailer.

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