Here are some of the FAQ´s (Frequently Asked Questions) people have raised with us. If you have a different question, please ask here.


  • 1. Do I need any technical or IT knowledge to create my "Add to TomTom" button?

    No. Setting up your "Add to TomTom" button using one of the wizards really is easy to do. You do need to have access to your site templates either directly or indirectly to make the button appear on your websie. But we do advise not using the Advanced User options unless you are experienced in IT.

  • 2. How long will it take me to create my "Add to TomTom" button?

    We´ve tested this by asking non-technical colleagues to be ´guinea pigs´. On average, the whole process takes:
        1 minute to complete a single-address button
        3 minutes to complete a multiple-address or route-description button

    But it does depend on a few factors. For example, if you want to customise your icon or if you have a ready-made POI-file.

  • 3. How long will it take my file to download onto someone’s TomTom device after they’ve clicked on the "Add to TomTom" button on my website?

    On average, less than 30 seconds. Even without a broadband internet connection, the download should not take more than 1 minute.

  • 4. Will my file take up much memory on a TomTom device?

    Very little. Normally less than 25 KB. A TomTom device has at least 512 MB memory (most have much more). So this really isn’t an issue for any TomTom user.

  • 5. By following the Advanced Users manual, can I develop more or better features for my "Add to TomTom" button?

    Following the Advanced Users manual does offer the possibility of a few extra features, though the differences are not significant.

  • 6. If I create a route-description file, will the TomTom device of the person who downloads it automatically sort the addresses into the optimal route plan?

    Yes. The downloaded route becomes an itinerary on the device. This means that points on your route will be TomTom waypoints and kept in the order specified by you. However, the user can change the order of your waypoints on their TomTom device if they wish to. Their TomTom device will also integrate certain other navigation features where necessary. For example, if your route includes unpaved routes, the TomTom device will ask if the user wants to avoid the unpaved roads.

  • 7. Can I put more than one "Add to TomTom" button to my website?

    Yes. You can put as many "Add to TomTom" buttons on your website as you like. But we advise you think carefully about the optimal place to add buttons on your site. In many cases, this will mean simply having a single button on your Home Page. But for some sites, you may wish to have additional "Add to TomTom" buttons on different pages, offering an address, POI set or route description related to the content of that specific page.

  • 8. Will people actually value finding an "Add to TomTom" button on my website?

    Yes, we believe so. TomTom is the world’s leading maker of portable navigation devices (PND’s). "Add to TomTom" buttons will become increasingly common on websites. But for now, you can give your customers something that your rivals may not yet be offering them. It simply makes commercial sense to have an “Add to TomTom” button on your website. Especially as it’s FREE.

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