Custom made solution

The ‘Add to TomTom’ Service allows web developers, such as yourself, to make full use of the ‘Add to TomTom’ Web API to easily embed ‘Add to TomTom’ buttons on your company’s website and send an address or content (POI sets and itineraries) to your customers TomTom devices. The implementation is very flexible and allows you to send a single or multiple standard addresses or geo-coded addresses, large amount of joint geo-coded addresses at once (POI set) or even tap into a large database of addresses and dynamically create a button on the fly.

There are the steps needed to create and implement an ‘Add to TomTom button’ on your website.

  • 1.Create a MyTomTom account or log-in to your existing account.

  • 2.Get your API key from your MyTomTom account profile.

  • 3.Create the code for the ‘Add to Tomtom’ button and include it in your Web Code.

  • 4.Place the xml file on your server that contains a description about your content (not needed for single address buttons). You will need the exact location fo the zip file that contains your content to be able to create this XML file. You will also need the exact location of this XML file to create your 'Add to TomTom button'.

  • 5.Create and store the content on your server (not needed for single address buttons).

  • 6.Test the implementation on a TomTom device.

  • 7.The button is ready to be used by your web site visitors!

For more information, just follow our advanced user manual.

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